• Электромонтажные работы electric installation work

  • Монтаж кабельных муфт Installation of cable boxes

  • Монтаж трансформаторов Installation of transformers

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The Montazhelektrotrade ChPTUP enterprise specializes on the execution of a complex of electric installation work on erection of power transformers of any voltage class and power capacity, laying of cable lines and installation of connecting joints and seal-end termination with 110кV voltage class, installation of the primary electrical equipment of the power plants and substations.

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Installation, dismantle, rigging works of power transformers, autotransformers of various power capacities.

Electric installation works

Installation of electric equipment of any voltage level. Instrumentation and automated control systems erection.

Joints and terminations

Installation of cable joints and terminations (seal-end, connecting, plug-in) up to 110 kV voltage class.