Electrical installation works:

• installation of electrical equipment of any voltage level

• erection of electrical installations for production and processes where formation of explosive environments is possible

• installation of power storage batteries

• installation of a cable metalwork

• installation of cable lines of any voltage level

• installation of welding and lighting networks

• installation of instrumentation and automated control systems equipment

• installation of telemechanical networks, managing supervision networks and data networks

• installation of measurement of electric and thermal energy

• installation of the automated control and supervision management systems for various technological processes

• installation of cable joints and terminations up to 110 kV

• installation and rigging of power transformers and autotransformers of various voltage classes and power capacity

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Private production and trade

MONTAZhELEKTROTRADE unitary enterprise

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Ph. +375 (29) 669-90-18

ph./fax (017) 506-06-16

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