The executed projects

Our enterprise participated in works on the following objects:

1 . Kronospan plant in Smorgon city (installation works on two-transformer substation 110/20/10kV; )

2 . SS 110/10kV construction "Grushevskaja with the cable lines Petrovshchina-Grushevskaja 110kV and reconstruction OAIS "Petrovshchina" in city of Minsk (installation of the temporary tents, installation of joints and terminations 110 kV, electrical installation works);

3 . SS 110kB "Dolginovskaja" construction with laying of two cable lines 110 kV in Minsk (electrical installation works).

4 . Grodno CHPP-2. Reconstruction with the GTU installation (electrical installation works).

5 . Construction of the cable line of 110 kV "Kamvolnij kombinat – CHPP-2" with reconstruction to the OAIS-110 kV of SS " Kamvolnij kombinat " and CHPP-2 (electrical installation works and dismantle of the power transformer, installation of joints and terminations 110 kV)

6 . Construction of overhead line 330 kV Berezovskaja SDPS - SS Brest-1. Construction of SS 330 kV Brest-1 (electrical installation works).

7 . External power supply of an industrial zone of "Shabany", Minsk. Reconstruction of SS 110/10 kV "Atlant" with installation of the second transformer.

8 . Reconstruction of the Minsk CHPP-2 (TDN-10000/110 transformer installation, electrical installation works on erection of cable metal structures and a lighting network)

9 . SS of 330 kV "Minsk-Vostochnaja", SS of 330 kV of "Kolyadichi" (electrical installation works)

10 . Vitebsk combined heat and power plant. Turbine unit replacement (dismantle installation, transportation and unloading of the power T-2 transformer, electric installation work)

11 . Beryozovskaya SDPS. Unit No. 5 reconstruction by a superstructure with gas turbines. (electrical installation works)

12 . Reconstruction of substation o330/220/110/35 kV “Miradino”, Mogilyov district. (electrical installation works)

13 . Substation110/10 kV "Lebedevka", city of Zhlobin (installation of power transformers)

14 . Construction of SS 110/10 kV "Nemiga", city of Minsk (installation of the power transformer 40000/110, electrical installation works)

15 . Minsk CHPP-4. Reconstruction of gas pipelines and steam-and-blackoil pipelines of the BKZ-420-140 NGM boiler unit №1, TGMP-344 boiler unit №6 regarding retrofitting by networks of automatic ignition with systems of protection and blocking. (electrical installation works)

16 . Reconstruction of the Minsk CHPP-3, OAIS-110 of kV (electrical installation works, laying of a power cable)

17 . Novorjazanskaja CHPP. Reconstruction of the CAIS 110 kV. (electrical installation works)

18 . Construction of the cable line of 110 kV on a site from SS 110 kV "Vessnyanka" to SS 110 kV "Zapadnaja" in replacements of existing overhead lines in Minsk (installation of cable joints and terminations 110 kV, electrical installation works)

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